Mechthild Reinders‘ studio specializes in the creation of haute couture in handmade felt.

“I felt my own life with both my hands ! ”

Emily Dickinson

Mechthild Reinders, born in 1959 in Hamburg, Germany, started felting fifteen years ago and recently opened her first felting studio. Her work focuses on haute couture and one-off-a-kind artistic wearables.

She studied drama at the “Folkwang University for the Arts” in Essen, Germany, performed 15 years on German and Austrian stages as well as in film and TV productions and was a soughtafter voice-over speaker for film and radio.

She first encountered the ancient art of felting when her older son attended the German Waldorf Kindergarten.

The wind blew her family and her to Calgary in 2002, where Mechthild constantly extended her felting horizon.

By widening her field of expertise, she became a member of the local Fiber Art guild “Sheep Creek Weavers” and was an eager student of Lyn Pflueger, Bragg Creek, the “Queen of Felting” in Alberta, instructor at ACAD/ Calgary as well as the Red Deer College.

She gave numerous felting and dying-with-natural-dyes workshops in Tuscany, Italy, Switzerland as well as at the Leighton Arts Centre and in Calgary.

Through the “Sheep Creek Weavers “ guild Mechthild met Marjolein Dallinga, a Dutch Fiber Artist, now in Montreal, who creates costumes for the Cirque du Soleil.

Mechthild has received numerous artist grants for felting and has taken Master Classes with Marjolein Dallinga, Dagmar Binder, Margot Krug and Gladys Paulus. She loves the connection to Mother Earth, to pure nature, the spirituality and the physical challenge of felting.

„When I get out of a long creation, I feel my change. I am different than I was when I started. Felting can be like a long mediation, it can be painful, fruitful, and like a catharsis. It is raw. It is honest. „


Mechthild is now more than ever focused on her Fiber Art and felting.